There is a lot of information of this website, however we still get asked the same questions.  We don't mind answering them or talking to you but here are some of the common ones and we hope it helps you. 

Can we have supermarket deliveries?  Sorry but no, our insurers have expressed concern.

Are you near the South West Coastal Path?  Yes it's just over a mile away.

Are you near Clovelly?   Yes not far away and you can walk there on the coastal path

Can I bring a tent/caravan/motorhome/awning etc? You can bring what you like.  Note we don't have any tents already set up, that's your job (although we have been known to help if you get in a mess setting it up).

Can I bring my Dog ?-   Yes, but must not stray onto other peoples pitches and should be tethered at all times. 

How much would you charge for a pitch with an electric hook up for one lead? Sorry but we do not yet have electric hookups available, perhaps next year.

If we wanted to extend our stay would we be able to? Yes usually though in August, this can sometimes be tricky

Are deposits refundable?    -  No but we will offer a credit note or try to be flexible on rearranging your dates.

Can I bring my own barbecue? Yes but grass must not be burnt as the fields are grazing fields

Do you hire out or have any wind breakers? No

Is the beach sandy + safe for children  ?  Yes reasonably at low tide though no lifeguards.

Can you surf on the beach ?  Yes you do get surfers at Hartland Quay

Is there wi-fi ?  No

Is there a mobile phone signal ?  Yes all networks seem OK

Is there a pub near by ?  Yes there are a three in Hartland about 1.5 miles away or you can walk in 35 mins and also at Hartland Quay.  See Eat EAT OUT on menu above 

Why is there a pile of tyres by the campsite entrance?  The tyres are there to squeeze down the plastic cover over grass that we cut during the summer months for the cows to eat in the winter, it's called Silage.  There is a write up about it on the Dairy Farming page.

Should I rely totally on my satnav to find you?  It's always a good idea to have a map.

Can I hire a dog for the duration of my stay?   - what size?

Pitt Farm

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